Rental FAQ's & Information

RENTAL F.A.Q's and Important Information
  • How do I place an order?:  Simply go to our "Rentals" tab on the home page of our website, scroll through the categories, click on the item you'd like to rent, enter the dates that you need your rentals for, add delivery method and proceed to checkout.  Feel free to email us anytime to ask questions at or call the store at 760.347.7406

  • Can I make changes to my order?:  Yes, please email at least 72 hours prior to pick-up date.

  • Can I rent items the same day I need them?:  In order for us to provide the very best customer service for your rental we request at least a 48-72 hour notice prior to your arrival. In emergent situations, please call 760.347.7406 and we can try our very best to meet your needs. We will assess a $50 fee for this service. 

  • When does my rental term begin?: On each item you will be guided to enter a beginning date. Your rental will be available at 3pm on that day. 
    Each item will also have the option to enter an end date. Your rental will end at 11am on that date. Please note that on busy rental days our staff may arrive prior to 3pm for delivery, and after 11am for pick-up

  • Where are you located?:  You will pick up your items at JadaBug's Children's Boutique 78377 Hwy 111 La Quinta, CA 92253. Please note that all rental items are stored off site and we need 24 hours notice on all rentals. 

  • Are the products clean?:  Absolutely! All linens are laundered, mattresses are wiped with a safe disinfectant, and cribs are wiped down with a safe cleaning solutions. Other soft goods including play yards, car seat pads and harnesses are cleaned according to the manufacture guide lines.  Eating surfaces are scrubbed thoroughly. We use only mild soaps. All toy's are cleaned and disinfected. Everything is inspected.

  • What condition do the items need to be returned in?: All items should be in relatively clean condition when returned. High chairs should be wiped clean of all food. Please note: Please do not cut food directly on high chair trays, this causes excessive damage. Car Seats and strollers should have all crumbs shaken out of them and any spills, etc should be cleaned up as you would in every day life. Our staff will assess an excessive cleaning fee of $50 if items are returned excessively soiled. 


  • How do I get my rental items?: PICK-UP or DELIVERY is available. Most all rental purchases will default to pick-up at JadaBug's Children's Boutique 78377 Hwy 111 LaQuinta, CA 92253.  If you would like your items delivered & picked up, please select "Shipping" and enter a local address. JadaBug's Baby Gear Rentals does not keep rental items at our store location it is important to reserve your items at least 24 hours in advance.

  • What time is delivery? What time is pick-up?: We pick up in the morning and deliver in the afternoon following standard check in and check out times for most resorts & hotels. Alternate times can be arranged based on availability for local/seasonal residents and those joining family already here in the desert. Any special requests should be submitted at least one week before your pick-up/ delivery day.
  • What is the cost for delivery?: $35 this is a one time fee that covers both delivery and pick up. We will deliver and pick up for a one time flat rate of $35. 

  • What information do you need for Delivery? Many of the homes in our area are located in gated communities or resorts, because of this, we will need extra information to make sure your rental delivery goes smoothly. Please enter this information in the "notes" section of your order.  This information can also be emailed to with your order number in the subject line.
    1. The full name of the person that a reservation or home ownership is under so we can alert the gate attendant.
    2. A phone number for the contact person the day of rental pick-up and delivery just incase we have last minute questions.
    3. All gate codes, door codes, garage codes and the main gate notified of our arrival so we have full access to property. Note: It is much more difficult to facilitate delivery and pick up if we do not have access at the front gate either through a gate code or notifying the guard gate in advance. If our staff has to wait for gate codes on the day of delivery you will be assessed extra fees, and the delivery may need to be rescheduled. 
    4. If your resorts or community has multiple entrances. Please let us know the street name of the entrance closest to your delivery location. 
    5. Any special instructions, room description of the room you'd like cribs delivered to or any important information our staff may need to make sure that your delivery goes smoothly for you. 
  • Please read: Extremely IMPORTANT instructions to avoid possible extra fees or delays:  If you are in a rental property that you have never visited before, be mindful that many of these locations are in gated communities that have vendor curfew hours and restrictions. (Sundays, Holidays, after 5pm among others).
    It is the client's responsibility to book their order accordingly and also make sure guard gates are notified of the delivery and pick up dates or that any necessary gate codes are provided on your reservation in the notes section.
    If a delivery or pick up needs to be rescheduled due to the customer or property manager not facilitating these details, there will be an extra fee applied to the order.
    Here is a list of the most common zip codes located in gated communities:   92264 Palm Springs, 92270 Rancho Mirage, 92211 Palm Desert, 92260 Palm Desert, 92210 Indian Wells, 92253 La Quinta.


We look forward to providing the very best experience for you!! Please let us know how we can help in any way!