How to Become a JadaBug's Affiliate

Welcome to JadaBug's Affiliate Program!

What is a JadaBug's Affiliate?
Our affiliates are our favorite members of the community that want to see our business thrive by sharing discount codes with their friends, family, clients, and co-workers. Our affiliates are go-getters who want to earn commission income or store credit while sharing the great products and services that JadaBug's offers!
In other words, they like us and want to tell everyone about us and they want to earn a little income or store credit off of each sale.

What products can I earn commissions on?
All of them! You can offer discounts and earn commissions on all items offered on JadaBug's website excluding tax and delivery. 

What services can I earn commissions on?
JadaBug's offers a full service Baby Gear Rental Program. When you share your exclusive link with your clients, they get a discount on their rentals and you get a commission on their rental. 

How to become a JadaBug's Affiliate:
Click on this LINK or click on "Affiliate Link" on the bottom of our website.
This will direct you to a set up page. Enter all of your information and submit. 
Our team will approve you as an affiliate in 24 - 72 hours and give you the ability to create links to share with your clients or friends.
Store credits will be issued via email and rental commissions will be paid out via CashApp or Zelle. Our rental program affiliates will need to set up an account for payment.

Benefits of Being a JadaBug's Affiliate:
There are two types of JadaBug's affiliates.
Our customer affiliates will be able to offer their friends and family a discount on products and earn 10% store credit on all purchases (excluding tax and delivery) that are purchased using their affiliate link.
Our Hospitality Industry affiliates who refer their clients to our rental program can offer their clients a commission and earn 10% cash back on all rentals (excluding tax and delivery) using their affiliate link.

Payments and Earnings:
Earnings will accrue automatically and you can view how much you're earning on your individual dashboard. 
Payments will be made on January 31, April 31, July 31, and October 31st. (Quarterly) 
Store Gift Cards will be issued via email. Earnings will be deposited via Cash App or Zelle. 

Promotion and Advertising:
The team at JadaBug's wants you to be successful!  
We can help create a customized graphic that includes your affiliate URL. This graphics can be sent via social media and or email to your friends or clients.