JadaBug's Rentals Cleaning & Sanitizing Standards
Cleaning Procedure

JadaBug's Rentals Cleaning & Sanitizing Standards

At JadaBug's we understand that babies' immune systems are still developing and that you, as parents or grandparents, rightfully expect clean, sanitized products. Because of our commitment to providing spotlessly clean and safe rentals, families have come to love and trust our service. In fact, 99% of our customers said the gear they rented was spotless or very clean!

JadaBug's rental items are inspected and deep cleaned after every pickup and then inspected again before the next delivery. 

The Cleaning Process:

Vacuuming: We vacuum from top to bottom, inside all moving parts, hidden seams, covers and straps to remove every last crumb.

Cleaning: We use Forever New Fragrance Free Fabric Care Wash which easily and safely cleans fabric and surfaces to remove dirt and grease. Forever New is free of fragrances, bleach, optical brighteners, dyes, phosphates, lanolin & petroleum products. Designed by a mother of three young kids, Forever New is tough on odor & stains.

Sanitizing:  JadaBug's cleaning team, carefully goes over every baby item with a commercial grade steamer to sanitize the item. Our commercial grade steamer uses low-moisture, superheated (275°F) steam that is specifically designed to sanitize all surfaces to ensure that our products are super clean and free from bacteria, germs and viruses. 

Drying: We are sure to soak up any excess water and moisture with microfiber cloths and we let the fabric air dry. We set the item in the sun, outdoors, or in front of a fan to thoroughly dry.

Safe Reassembly:  At JadaBug's we know that parents depend on us to provide safe products to rent. We are careful to put all the pieces back together exactly to manufacturer's specifications.